Elul - The King is in the Field

Hitbodedud - A Powerful tool to help us stay sober

GYE Admin Monday, 26 September 2016

Here are the "Four Simplified Steps for Hitbodedut" to help you get started:

In a quiet place, with no interruptions, simply talk freely to Hashem in your own words, like to your parent

1) First thank Hashem for what He's given you (does your body work? Thank Him. Do you have a home? Thank Him. Do you have a family? Thank Him. Food to eat? Clothes? Parnosa? A spouse? Kids? Thank Hashem for everything!)

...And- don't forget to thank Him for all the mitzvot that He helps you to do each day, & for any special qualities and positive attributes you have!

2) Tell Hashem all your struggles, all your triumphs, all your worries, and thank Him for all your good deeds

3) Confess your aveiros and resolve not to repeat them. Ask for His help in this!

4) Now ask for ANYTHING you need! It's an Eis Ratzon!!!!

And besides your personal requests, please take a minute also to ask Hashem to help Klal Yisroel, that everyone everywhere in the world should begin davening to Hashem, opening their hearts to Him in thanks, praise, and teshuva, so the Geula will come!