Thursday, 19 January 2012

Down for the Count

by Bardichev (See all authors)

We are at the start of a new Sefer, a new Parsha and a new month.

A simple question: Why does Parshas Bamidbar always precede the Yom Tov of Shavuos?

The Medrash tells us that Torah needs three attributes: Fire, Water and "Midbar - a Desert"

Midbar signifies mesiras nefesh and total trust in Hashem. ("Lech Tech Acharay Bamidbar")

These two components are so necessary for Kabbalas HaTorah.

In order for us to have a fighting chance in this war against our evil inclination. We need these two elements, (1) mesiras nefesh (yes, self sacrifice), and (2) Complete Trust in Hashem.

Will we see immediate results? Maybe not. That is the reason we count Sefira, to remind us that it is a process - one day at a time.

And like the Jews in the desert, we "KEEP ON TRUCKING!".

Good Shabbos