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Dov Talks About Purim

GYE Corp. Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Purim was a neis nistar, Hashem was hidden all through the story - all through it. We dress up in disguises or funny costumes, and are hidden too.

Well, Hashem saved me from my own hidden life; my own disguise that I wore all the time - oh, it was incredibly draining! And stupid.

Life was and is so much better without lust - the very thing I was convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that I couldn't live without! Life is real, it's geshmak, it's useful, it's real, it's consumingly interesting and full of surprises, and... did I say that "it's real"?

Gevalt! What a fool I was! Nu, but that's an addict. A real fool.

And I am still a "fool". It's just that this here fool is a fool for Hashem! Share my mistakes with others? Lead with my weakness? Give up to win? Good for free? Trust in an invisible G-d? What am I nuts!?! So it seems....

Lets all have a l'chayim and say this foolish thing together: "To heck with me - what can I do for You/you?"

Kinda silly, huh?