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Do Your Best & G-d Will Do the Rest

GYE Corp. Monday, 19 December 2011

One of the biggest lessons of the Chanukah miracles is that when we do our best, Hashem will do the rest - and we'll see miracles! This was the lesson of the Maccabees; few against many, weak against powerful. And this was also the lesson of the oil; if we seek, we will find, and if we pour in whatever we have, Hashem will make it work - far more than our expectations!

Watch this great clip from that helps bring home this point.

Chanukah's Secret to Greatness

"An Honest Mouse" wrote:

The miracle of the oil was that there was only a little bit of untainted, pure oil left - only enough for 1 day, but Hashem made it last for 8 days.

Sometimes, we don't have a lot of strength in us, we feel we can only remain clean for a short while, we don't have it in us for the long haul. If we dedicate our short time clean to Hashem and say, 'this is as much as I can do, please keep me clean', He is surely able to repeat the miracle and give us the ability to remain clean for much longer!

"Yosef Hatzadik" wrote:

The Kohanim knew that they didn't have enough oil to light the Menorah continuously until new oil can be procured. They did what was in their power to do today anyhow.

Progress, not Perfection! As they say in Yiddish: "Ah Yid darf tahn, nisht oiftahn! - a Jew must do, not accomplish"

We gotta do our part; the end result is up to Hashem!

"Aish Kodesh" wrote:

When the Greeks destroyed everything in the Beis Hamikdosh, the Yidden almost lost hope until they searched and searched and found the jar of clean oil. This symbolizes our neshamos. We can never give up hope, there is always a way out. No matter where we are, we can find a way to bring light to the world and to our neshomos, and Hashem will make a miracle and it will be something much greater then our little deeds. That's why Beis Hillel says we are "malin bakodesh"; just light a little light and Hashem will make it much stronger!