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Delayed Gratification - the Tzadik's Way

obormottel Wednesday, 30 November 2016

(27:29) 'Cursed be those who curse you, blessed be those who bless you'

Rashi points out that Yitzchok and Bil'om spoke in the opposite way: Bil'om 1st mentioned the blessing and then the curse. Rashi says, this is because tzadikim start off with suffering and end up with tranquility while resho'im are the other way around.

Acting out/recovery is totally the same. The 'rasha' way is pleasure 1st, suffering later, in the short term this means: "I act out and get pleasure and then I'm in terrible pain because of what I've done." The 'tzadik' way is suffering 1st: "I don't lust, I don't allow myself that pleasure - it's so hard and sometimes very painful, but in the short term and, kal vachomer, in the long term, I'll end up with a life of tranquility because my life isn't ruled by the addiction and I'm not living a lie."

Let's all be zoiche to live the 'tzadik' way!!