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Day by Day


obormottel Thursday, 01 June 2017

Beha'aloscha starts with the commandment to Aharon to light the Menorah. We all know the famous Rashi that why is this Parsha of Menora near the Parsha of the Nesi'im. Aharon was saddened that Shevet Levi was not part of the grand pageantry that was the Chanuchas Hamizbeach. So Hashem tells Moshe to tell Aharon that his work is greater than theirs since he gets to light the Menorah every day.
What the Nesi'im did was great. It was a huge show. Every day for 12 days they come in with their silver, gold, 21 animals for sacrifice, incense, and meal offering. I am sure there was much fanfare and everyone in Klal Yisroel was super excited and juiced up. They were probably telling themselves about all the great things that they were going to do. But we all know how these super glowing feelings fade. One day turns into the next and then the next, and you miss a day and a week and you fall behind and say well why am I doing this? Oh, I'll just do that tomorrow, one slip won't kill me.
Contrast with Aharon's task. It was a relatively simple one. It was witnessed by few, there was no fanfare, just everyday going and lighting of the menorah. But it was EVERYDAY. He could not miss even one day. This is the way to real growth, small steps every day. No excuses why today is no good. No saying I'll just do it tomorrow. Take the steady consistent path every day. So while what the Nesi'im did was amazing, what Aharon was tasked to do was even greater.