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Cleansing ourselves

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 09 May 2012

Pesach cleaning is underway in all Jewish households around the world. As we toil to clean our houses from leaven, we are in parallel also cleansing ourselves from the evil inclination, which is symbolized by the leaven. We are toiling to break free of the evil one, in anticipation for going out from bondage and slavery-- from ourselves, our desires and especially our addictions--to freedom, Nachas Ruach and to living in harmony with G-d's beautiful world. Leaven symbolizes the Yetzer Hara because it is "blown up" and looks big but it's really all air. The biggest Yetzer Hara is in the sexual arena, and it is truly a "blown up bubble" that pops in your face. We are wired with a bug in our minds that make us lust after dirty flesh and blood, only to find that we were tricked into a bunch of hot air, at the expense of our infinitely precious relationship with G-d.

So get rid of the leaven and get ready to break free of Egypt, and start to make your way through--what might "feel" like a desert at first--to G-d's promised land. Remember, even in the desert, we are always surrounded by G-d's clouds of glory, and we are miraculously satiated through the goodness of his hand. He who takes water our from rocks, and manna from the heaven, will surely hold your hand on this journey as well. The main thing, as R' Nachman always said, is not to be afraid."Lech Tech Acharai Ba'midbar"... Go after me in the desert... Don't be afraid to give your heart to G-d.