Chanukah Used to be a Low Time For Me

GYE Corp. Thursday, 22 December 2011
Chanukah Used to be a Low Time For Me

Hello friends, last night when saying the bracha before lighting the candles, I suddenly remembered the GYE forum, it hit me so strong that I cried. Yes, while saying the bracha with my wife & kids around me, tears started flowing down my cheek, I was so thankful to hashem for bailing me out. Just last year at this time I was still so down the drain, and Hashem gave me the koach to get a hold of myself and he pulled me out of the dumps. And through the half hour while singing, I was hit with this emotion again and again, the words had a different meaning than they had in the past.

As soon as we realize that Hashem is in control and that if we rely only on Him, there is nothing to fear... and by giving it all over to Him, we can step on a lion, as we say there, and that's what He did to me and to many others here on the forum. We just gotta connect to him in a father/son relationship and not to forget to thank Him for every little drop of joy he sends our way.

In the past, Chanuka was a very low time for me, acting out all day long... and I used to sit the half hour after lighting as if on needles, waiting for it to be over, looking at my watch every 3 minutes. This year b"h it was different, I didn't rush, took my time to learn a bit while siting near the menorah, and I am so thankful to Hashem and to all of you for giving me my life back.

My message to all of you out there is, that if there is a strong will - there is a way. Yes, there is hope.