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Re-Building the Mishkan

obormottel Friday, 03 March 2017

Dear Friends,

The Mishkan, and subsequently the Bais Hamikdosh, represents Klal Yisroel in the most unified state.

“The Mishkon is One”, referenced in our Parshah, right after the phrase of “connecting her to her sister” implies a unity, a building of a great home for a unified purpose

We are all represented in the Mishkan-every single one of us - every Ben Yisroel and every Bas Yisroel.

Whether we are represented by the Ark, the Shulchan, the Menorah, or even the shovel that took the ashes off the Altar, it really makes no difference in the purest essence of what the essence of life is, of what God’s plan for us is, for what our role is, for what He needs us for.

For it is God Who decided where we belong and we are perfect in that particular role and position.

Even each “Keresh,” each beam, had its specific location when it was meant to be, and that single “Keresh," or even that small silver hook testifies to the Oneness of it all, so that this small silver hook is as much part of the Unity as the Keruvim on top of the Ark.

The Mishkan was built by the good, the pure, the nobility that is within each and every one of us.

Gold, Silver, Copper, Blue Wool, Purple Wool, Red Wool, Linen etc., each one with its unique characteristic, enhancing and beautifying this one intrinsically beloved edifice which is our expression of G-dliness in this world, signifying the very best that is within us.
God prides Himself with us “My firstborn son, Yisroel” and that is me too!!! So if I am the copper, or that little hook up there, so be it!!!

This gift is unique to me and I will be the best possible little hook that I can be.

Wasting our time and energy trying to be the Gold in the Aron is useless and a waste of time.

If you are copper, be the best copper that you can be. We enhance and beautify the gold of the Aron because we are one with it, though I am copper, my function enhances and makes the gold of the Aron what it is.I have a share in it, and it has a share in me. My copper is felt in the Aron despite the fact that it is gold.

The Mishkan can be built today.

Tap into your unique qualities that God has given you and bring it forth for the sake of Klal Yisroel.

Appreciate the qualities of your brothers and sisters contribution as well. He may be the gold, and you the copper, but so what?? Or you may be the gold and he the copper, but again we ask, so what? Whichever way it is, all the better!! Being a little hook is no less important in the World of Unity.

A small hook is no mere small hook when the Shechina shines upon it!!

Your role is no less important. And gold, as beautiful and noble as it is, cannot be anything in and of itself. God doesn’t want a Mishkan of pure gold. He wants each one of us to make our contribution, making up a unique whole, when each part enhances and complements the other.

In this vein, we can see the terrible power of “Sinas Chinam”: Titus did not destroy the Bais Hamidosh.

We did.

The gold broke off from the copper and the copper from the gold. The little hook was demeaned and disrespected and was not valued anymore. The parts now fragmented, not unified.

In the truest sense, the Bais Hamikdosh self-destructed.

For we destroyed our link to each other, no longer a Unity, the copper did not flow through the gold of the Menorah any longer.

And so, now is the rebuilding stage.

The peace and acceptance of each unique part of us is enhanced and appreciated for what it is.

This is the purest meaning of Peace and of Oneness.

We build the Bais Hamidosh by using our unique gifts to the fullest and at that very moment respecting and appreciating the unique gifts of others that are equally important and valuable in the eyes of God.

And that is when the Shechinah will come down and shine its light upon us all

And that is when Moshiach will come.