Sunday, 27 November 2011

Big Mouth, Big Eyes

by Bardichev (See all authors)

This week's Parsha contains the lesson of what happens to the ultimate baal taavah (pleasure seeker).

Chazal teach us that Bilaam's Power was with his mouth.

Another thing Chazal tell us is that Bilaam had an "ayin rah - an evil eye".

What was the significance of these two evil things?

Bilaam was the head of the koach hatumah - the forces of impurity.
What was his power? His mouth!

Bilaam had a powerful mouth. Very powerful. His mouth was an Atom
Bomb - a weapon of mass destruction. He had the power to rip out all of
klal yisroel with his evil mouth.

Another power he had was his evil eye. He had the power to make an ayin hara.

Instead of using these powers in a constructive manner, he was perverted and
evil. He thought these were his powers.

Came Hashem and showed him.

Aha, big mouth!! Look, a donkey has a koachhadibur - power of speech.

A powerful eye? Ha!! Look, your donkey has sees a malach and you didn't!!

What's the lesson?


We take our G-d given talents and blessings; some are Handsome, some are
smart, others are charming, some are kind.

We think that this is our doing. Therefore we DESERVE something.

Instead of being humble and serving Hashem extra, to repay him for the
extra kindness, we become perverted. We say we deserve more. We want
more. I can never be happy or satisfied.

This leads us to self destructive behaviors.

Hey BIG EYES and BIG MOUTH, take a lesson from a donkey!

Good Shabbos