Wednesday, 08 February 2012

Beraishis - The End is The Beginning

by Yechidah (See all authors)

The key to Torah is Beraishis
The key to Life is Beraishis.
Because we always have to begin Anew.

Hashem tells us, do not think that I created your world and then left it.
I am constantly and continuously creating the world,
Every single second.
Because if I don't, everything that exists will not be.
It will disappear as if it never was.

The Torah ends with "Leynai Kol Yisroel"
Rashi says that this refers to the Luchos that were broken.
The Torah ends with us being broken by the broken Luchos.
It end in failure.
Moshe dead.
Luchos Shattered.
What now?

The answer is very simple yet very profound;
A great kindness from Hashem, a great healing;
we connect to the beginning.
The end of the Torah and the beginning - is one.
It's brokenness; the shattered Luchos, become whole again.
Because we are back to Berashis,
where it all began.
We are born anew.

The Lamed at the end of the Torah,
and the Bais at the beginning of the Torah,
make up the word: "Lev"
The heart.

That very broken heart,
becomes whole again.

It's very brokenness,
is what makes it whole.