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Bar Mitzva vs. Ba'al Aveiro

When I made a Bar Mitzva for my Bechor, Parshas Vayechi, Noorah B'Amram Posted a nice vort for the Bar Mitzva that we can all use to be Mischazek:

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 01 February 2012

Why is it that we call it a "Bar" Mitzvah - literally a "son of a mitzvah", as opposed to a sinner who we call a "Ba'al" Aveira? Why don't we call a sinner a "Bar" Aveira too?

Answered the holy Chofetz Chaim:

"Baal" in lashon hakodesh can also mean a husband. A husband can get rid of his wife by granting her a divorce.

So too, we can get rid of an aveira by divorcing it, through Teshuvah.

On the other hand, a son can never ever be divorced from his father.

The same goes for a Mitzvah. When we do a Mitzva, we strengthen the relationship we have to our Father in Heaven. And we are always a "bar mitzvah", we can never get rid of the closeness that we created when we did a Mitzvah.

Warmest and Heartiest Mazal Tov!!!!

May the Bar Mitzvah Bachur grow up to be a true "Bar Mitzvah" and become a great mezakeh es harabim like his father!!! Amen

Fiery burning love from,
Noorah, the smallest in the house of Amram.