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Lift a Finger - Rav Noach Weinburg's Yartzeit

av Noach is the ultimate example of how each and every of us has the capacity to change the world. We at GYE must learn from him!

GYE Corp. Monday, 06 February 2012

In the video clip on this page, Rav Noach's eyes fill with tears and his voice breaks as he says:

"Almighty, I know that You care about this much more than me, I know that You want me to succeed. I know that if You help me, we can change the whole world. I know You want to help me. I know I just have to want it enough. Please help me to want it, to feel this pain the way You feel it, so that You can help me do it."


To people who used to question Rav Noach's ambitious desire to save Klal Yisrael from assimilation, he would always answer in the same way. "The reason why you think we cannot save Klal Yisrael is because you think we can only save several hundred Jews. In truth, you can't even lift a finger without the Almighty giving you the power to do so. So we might as well ask our Father for the ultimate!"

Rav Noach would often tell a story to illustrate this point: At any large construction site, gigantic cranes are lifting several tons of building materials. At the location where the materials are placed, one worker is positioned to guide the load, to ensure that it lands in the correct spot. From afar, the fool looks at this worker, and says, "He is stronger than Samson!" But the wise man steps back and sees that in reality it is the crane doing the work; the worker is just helping it land in its proper place.

Rav Noach would then cite the prophet's promise that in the End of Days, the Jewish people will do teshuva. The Almighty is bringing back His children; the wise man puts out his hands and leads them home. As the Mishnah says: "Whoever takes on communal responsibilities, God gives us credit as if we accomplished it on our own" (Ethics of the Fathers 2:2).


See also #3 on this page, where Rav Noach discusses the idea that nothing can be accomplished without God's help. But we need to take responsibility in order to get God's help.

While this concept applies to GYE's over-all success, it also applies to each and every one of us with regard to our own addiction. Hashem is the only one who can help us - and he truly WANTS to, but we first need to take full responsibility and do all we can to recover. Then, when we daven for divine assistance, we will see miracles!