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And they shall make for me a Tabernacle, and I shall dwell in them

GYE Corp. Monday, 23 January 2012

The Pasuk doesn't say "I will dwell in it". Rather, it says "I will dwell in them". Every Jew can make his heart like a Tabernacle for the divine presence to dwell inside of him.

Ahron (whose story appears here on our site, and here on wrote to me yesterday:

For me, at least right now, recovery is a two step approach:

Step one is a list I wrote up of the consequences of acting out, which remind me that it will kill me.

And step two is to add Kedusha to my life, so that I live right.

As R' Viener said in the shiur that you sent out recently called "Family Security", Tznius leads to Kedusha, and Kedusha allows the Shechina in. And when the Shechina is there, lust is not. They do not - and cannot - coexist.