Thursday, 12 January 2012

And NOW He Brought Us Close

by Yosef Hatzadik (See all authors)

Mitchilah ovdei avodah zara hayu avoseinu v'achshav karvanu Hamokom la'avodaso.
(Hagada Shel Pesach)

Mitchilah ovdei avodah zara hayu avoseinu & what changed. Why/how are we different??

V'achshav karvanu Hamokom la'avodaso. Hashem brought us close to Him. It is NOT to our credit. Any Kirvas Elokim that we have is ENTIRELY because Hashem draws us close Him. HE allows us to serve Him!

When did this 'drawing close' take place?

V'achshav karvanu Hamokom la'avodaso. - NOW! At this present moment!

Each & every moment that we are close to Hashem is a gift from Him! Each & every moment can be a NEW START.

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