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6 Years' Worth of Gratitude

obormottel Thursday, 07 May 2015

Dear Chaveirim,

Lag Ba'Omer is only hours away. This day is, be"H, a very special milestone for me - six years clean!

I have had amazing Hashgacha regarding my anniversary dates. The day when I was three years clean (May 18, 2012) fell on Yesod shebeYesod (the 41st day of the Omer). I was incredulous at the Hashgacha. As noted back then, according to the Luach, the next time May 18 falls on Yesod shebeYesod is 2050 (5810)! Of course, we hope Moshiach will be here well before then, which might make it come out sooner!

Then, last year, my five-year milestone, fell on Lag BaOmer - a day of great Kedusha and celebration. The Heiliger Guard happened to be in my area for a Chasunah, so I actually spent time with him on this special day. We agreed that, be"H, Lag BaOmer, as opposed to the secular date, would be my anniversary date in future years.

As an added bonus for this year, Guard pointed out to me that the number six represents Yesod! As my dear friend Bardichev (gosh, I miss him!) would say - Gevaldig!

I am deeply grateful to the RBS"O, to Guard, and to the GYE community for helping me reach this point. To those whom I know from the forum and, especially, to those whom I've spoken to or met in person, your friendship means the world to me.

We should all continue to make progress and serve the RBS"O b'Kedusha, one day at a time!