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Your Will, not mine, be done!

obormottel Friday, 23 November 2018
Your Will, not mine, be done!

I was feeling really down recently. I mean REALLY down. The type of down that the y''h jumps on you and tries to get you as depressed as possible so you can just give up and do aveiros.

So, I sat down and opened up an email from Rav Meilich Biderman's weekly shmuzzen on the parsha. It says in the posuk, ''vayomer habet nah hashamaymah usfor hakochavim im tuchal lispor osam vayomer lo ko yihyeh zarecha.''
Says Rav Meir Shapiro zt''l, "If Hashem commanded Avraham Avinu to do something, we can be sure that he immediately started doing it. The fact that one cannot count the stars made no difference. if this is the ratzon Hashem, this is what Avraham did!

Tayereh Yidden, hear this: 'vayomer lo ko yiyeh zarecha' so too will your children, all Yidden, be like this - that despite the nisyonos, no matter what life throws our way - we will dive in and do the ratzon Hashem! No Cheshbonos!

We don't have to accomplish - ''lo alecha hamelacha ligmor" (Pirkei Avos), accomplishing is for Hashem who will help us - 'la-kel GOMER uloi' (tehillim)."

This vort was so mechazek me and sprung me out of the rut! We jump in and do our Tatteh's ratzon, no questions!
Is it any wonder that Hashem looks at our mesiras nefesh and then says - 'I will help him out'?

Chazak v'nischazek!