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GYE Corp. Sunday, 27 November 2011

Do you have accountability software installed yet? Don't trust yourself. Filters can be broken, loopholes can always be found. When lust attacks, an addict will find a way to get his "FIX". Only Accountability software may stop us in such times. Make sure someone you respect (or fear) is watching!! There's no excuse not to install WebChaver. It's only $3.95 a month and it will send reports of your browsing history to anyone of your choice. It only takes a few minutes to sign up. Do it.

As Rav Yochanan Ben Zakai blessed his students, "May your fear of heaven be equal to your fear of man". And his students asked him: "Rebbe, is that all?". And he answered:"Halevai!".

The truth of Rav Yochanan Ben Zakai's blessing is pointedly illustrated by this story of Rav Amram Raban Shel Chassidim (Kidushin 81/a):

Some women who had been taken captive were redeemed and brought to Nehardai. They were kept in the attic of Rav Amram the Chasid and the ladder was removed. At night, a beam of light reflected off one of the women, revealing her beauty. Rav Amram was seized with lust and he moved the ladder (which normally needed 10 people to move it) and began to ascend. As he was halfway up, he screamed "There is a fire in Rav Amram's house!" and the Rabanan flocked to his house. After they saw that there was no fire they said to him "You embarrassed us (with your behavior)!". Answered Rav Amram: "It is better to suffer embarrassment in this world than in the next".

We may ask, if Rav Amram had so much Fear of Heaven that he was determined enough to call out "Fire!", why couldn't he just have stopped himself? The answer is, that Rav Amram knew that unless other human beings would be introduced into the equation, he was powerless to stop himself from the power of the lust. This amazing story shows us the immense value of "human" accountability.

Is there anyone among us who will say he is stronger than Rav Amram? We are faced with these desires every day, in the privacy of our homes and only a mouse-click away! We must have accountability to succeed in breaking the addiction. If the fact that Hashem watching him was still too "abstract" to stop even Reb Amram Chasid from the power of lust, it is surely too abstract to stop us when we are faced with lust.

Install WEBCHAVER today. Don't wait for the next fall Chas Ve'shalom!