Sunday, 29 April 2012

We Pray to Hashem

by Anonymous (See all authors)


A Member posted on forum...

One thing that works is Tefillah. Instead of asking Hashem for all the things YOU want, thank HIM for all the things he has done for you lately, like giving you a day without acting out. Keep doing this every day and you will see and feel the results of calm and serenity. When you're calm and serene, living in the present moment, instead of being angry or ashamed of your past and worrying about the future, you will not act out.

I once heard from Rav Akiva Tatz shlita to describe the difference between serving Hashem and serving Avoda Zara: They pray to their false G-ds to do for them what they want. We Pray to Hashem to give us strength to do what He wants from us!


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