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Vatibuka Ha'ir - A Breach in Our Walls

After a stumble with Facebook, "Momo" posted:

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 21 March 2012
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I need to learn from my fall, and this past fall has taught me that I have to cancel my Facebook account. It's really a waste of time anyway. The only reason I've been keeping the account is to see what's new in my friend's lives, see new photos of their kids, and have all of their email addresses in one spot. So I'll be "out of the loop". I'll miss someone's birthday. I'll miss a cute photo of a kid smiling. It's NOT worth it if it's going to trigger me to fall. I'm too sick to be on Facebook.

The next day "Momo" wrote:

Yesterday I said that I'd deactivate my Facebook account, and I did. Right before I did that, I said a prayer that with the z'chut of this action, HaShem should help everyone who's on this forum. Then, while I was doing the deactivation, the Y"H started voicing his objections "come on..." I countered by singing (in my head) a niggun really loudly. I felt very proud of myself after I did it, until I received a notice from Facebook that I can always activate my account again simply by signing in.

After searching the net, I found that you CAN request to have your account permanently deleted, and I did this too. Here's the link.

Dear Momo,

Now that we don't have the Beis Hamikdash, Hashem looks for the Korbon Tamid every day in different places... In Shamayim it was announced: "Today Momo brought a Korbon for Hashem by sacrificing FaceBook on the Mizbe'ach of his heart!"

Everyone, learn from this Tzadik! In honor of Shiva Asar Bi'Tamuz, let's delete access to Facebook, Youtube, GoogleVideo, etc.. anything that is a stumbling block for us now, or has been in the past: don't let there be breaches in our walls!

and it shall be sweeter to Hashem than oxen and cattle!"

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