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Using A Timer

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 15 February 2012

When I first came to GYE a few months back, I saw that I was dealing with an internet addiction in general. I had to break away not only from the nature of my internet use, but also the amount of time I'd spend on the internet. This for me was terribly hard in the beginning. But as things started moving in the right direction, they eventually got easier. During that time I found that if I'd only be aware of how I'm using my time it would be easier for me to break away from my internet habits.

Here's what I did, and it may be of help to you: Firstly, I downloaded a timer and set it to 15 minute intervals. Every time I'd use the internet, I'd start up the timer. Once it hit 15 minutes an alarm would sound and that would mean that it was time for me to get off the net and do something productive (in my case: eat, shower, daven, learn something, work, make a phone-call, or anything like that). If I didn't, I'd give myself a knas. In addition to this, I kept a spreadsheet open where I'd log my internet time and how I used the internet. Everything was on paper. Looking back at it at the end of the week, I'd notice that I'd be spending much less time on the internet (about a 3rd of the time) and that I'd be using it more productively. The solution for me was not to stop surfing. That would be more than I'd be able to handle. I just told myself that if I've got limited time on the internet, it had better be productive. I wouldn't want to go over my allotted 15 minute time and have to pay a knas. It would be 15 minutes and a break away - which usually turned out to be much more than the time spent on the net.

I personally think that the reason we're able to spend so much time on the net, is because we zone out and lose awareness of the time. This "keeping track" should help tremendously in regard with that, and your time spent online will decrease on its own.

One thing: In a work setting, I don't think a 15 minutes is a good idea. Start with a ratio of 85% work-time to 15% surfing-time (or something like that) and see how it goes. For example, if you need to work 6 hours, that's about an hour of internet time. Divide that into intervals and play around with it till it works for you.


"Sci1977" Posted on the forum:

I'm clean for two full weeks. I started working on what I can do to replace the time I used to spend doing bad things. I actually found that while at work, if you actually work, the time really passes faster. And when at home, it's easier not to get on the computer. Instead, I spend time with my kids and wife. I was missing life! Yesterday, I took in all that I missed and I had one of the best days of my life. Yes, there were stresses at work and at home, but they were LIFE!!! I was not hiding from it.