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Try Again in 5 Minutes (or don't)

GYE Corp. Monday, 06 February 2012

We just installed a new spam-filter at work. It works like this: whenever we get an email from anyone in the world, our filter refuses it and sends it back to the server saying: "I'm busy now, can you try again in 5 minutes?"... The real legit e-mail servers simply try again in five minutes and the email gets through... The spam emails don't bother again in 5 minutes, they just move on to another target... This already blocks 95% of the spam...

And I thought, hey! You know what? My addiction is sometimes like that too... I feel a urge to act out but I tell the addiction, "I'm busy now, come back in 5 minutes and I will let you in"... I then e-mail a GYE friend or I post something on the forum, or read through some of the forum threads or the handbooks, and guess what? The addiction does not bother to return... Whenever I feel the urge to fall I say, "ok I will fall, just a little later, not right now" and then I get busy with something else... It doesn't catch 100% of the addiction spam, but it sure gets a whole lot!