Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Tips For Web-Guys

by Dov In Israel (See all authors)

I sit at the computer all day ... and my job requires me to constantly be searching.

Some other things I've found help me stay clean when I need to be at the computer:

1. Make sure you are drinking WATER!

2. Eliminate colas, coffee, cakes, cookies, and other high stimulants which over-stimulate and over-excite us.

3. Eliminate the white foods: milk, white sugar, salt, white rice.

4. Replace them with foods to remind you to be more aware of your own seed, such as Cucumbers, peppers, nuts, and other misc seeds.

5. Do you have a dreydel? When you get the urge to click and flick, train your finger to spin the draydel in stead.

6. Stick stuck - click through some of the GYE postings on the forum, or send an e-mail to a friend in recovery!

7. Get up - wash your face - and look yourself in the mirror and tell that strong guy in the mirror: I BELIEVE IN YOU - YOU CAN DO IT!