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Take Advantage of the Good Times

GYE Corp. Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Davka when things are going well is a wonderful time to strengthen our defenses. For example, install a filter (with the password held by someone else and with only the person holding the password having the ability to reset it), strengthen the settings on our existing filter, install monitoring software, or get an accountability partner/sponsor. This will, b'Ezras Hashem, provide added layers of protection the next time we are faced with a Nisayon.

Over Shabbos, I came across a nice Mekor for this idea. Regarding Asa, who was one of the Malchei Yehuda, it says: "Vayiven Arei Metzura b'Yehuda, Ki Shakta Ha'aretz Ve'ein Imo Milchama Ba'shanim Ha'eileh, Ki Hei'niach Hashem Lo - And he built fortified cities in Yehuda, for the land was tranquil and he had no wars during these years, for Hashem had granted him rest" (Divrei HaYamim II 14, 5). As the Stone Tanach notes (p. 1967): "He took advantage of the years of tranquility to bolster his defenses" (see also Metzudas David).

Our desires may not give us tranquility for years at a time, but we all have periods where things seem to be going well. Especially at those times, we should avoid complacency. Instead, we should follow King Asa's example and take advantage of the good times by bolstering our defenses.