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T'fila in times of tests

obormottel Sunday, 25 October 2015

I have a great tool that helped me a ton.
It's a small but powerful tefila that works instantly, and according to the guy that taught it to me, it works for everyone.

First, a few things to point out before I begin.

It's important to know that we always have bechira (choice), even though sometimes it seems too hard. We do have a choice, but Hashem helps us with our nisyoinois and without His help we would be living dead people L"A.

There are two conditions to keep in mind in order for this tefilah to work.

1. Concentration on the words is needed, it won't work if you blabber the words.
2. Sincerity is needed, it doesn't work if you do not sincerely want to get rid of the nisoiyin.

Here it is.

Ribono shel olam I have a nisayon of... (say the nisayon)
The gemara says אלמלא הקב״ה עוזרו אינו יכול לו (Which means, if Hashem doesn't help out against the yetzer harah then he (the man) won't be able to withstand him)
I ask a chesed from Hashem to take away from me this nisayon.