Sunday, 29 April 2012

Summer time is harder

by GYE (See all authors)

Summer time is harder. Wherever you go, there are mixed crowds of vacationers and immodestly dressed women. One-time-addicts are especially sensitive to what they see on the street. The nature of the addiction causes the chemicals in the mind to be quickly aroused. It is not enough to say "I am working on myself and I can be strong". Anything you see can trigger a strong rush to the brain. We have to be willing to admit this to ourselves and take extra precautions.

Tip #1. Every time you see something that causes a strong feeling of desire, say these few words: "G-d!! I want to love you, not women!". You may feel at first you are lying to yourself. But if you learn to do this often, you will start to see wonders! Not only does this relieve the desire somewhat (in that you are transferring the rush of lust to G-d), it is also a great spiritual feat that gives G-d great pleasure and can shake all the heavens!

Tip #2. Stay home as much as possible. Yes, it's hard. The kids and wife want to go on vacations and outings. Don't refuse them altogether, but limit it as much as possible, and insist as much as you can on going to areas with less people or religious crowds, preferably non-mixed. A disease is a disease. In the same way that someone allergic to pollen tries to stay indoors as much as possible during allergy season, we have to be willing to admit our weakness and be proud that we are doing the right thing.

Tip #3. If you must go into an area with non-religious, mixed crowds - Here are two tip to help you guard your eyes.

a. Commit to pinch yourself every time you gaze improperly at a woman.

b. Buy a pair of sunglasses that people from the outside cannot see through. Then, paste non-clear laminating paper on the insides of the lenses. This will allow you to see only vague shapes through the lenses, and if you look downwards you will still be able to see your feet and immediate area while you walk.

Some of these tips might sound extreme, but people who are allergic to pollen sometimes go around wearing 3M pollen masks, as well as sunglasses to protect their eyes. This is not just an allergy. This is your very soul at risk!