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SSRI Medication

Please note that we are not qualified to give medical advice. The below is only shared as one man's experience.

GYE Corp. Sunday, 27 November 2011

We received an e-mail from someone:

I am married for 11 years with 6 children. I have not acted out "live", but I am addicted to internet porn and have sought out chat rooms and porn for hours on end. Thank G-d I found your website. I am so grateful. What a blessing. I have recently started SSRI for sexual compulsions, which have really taken the edge off my addiction.

After requesting more details:

I first heard of SSRI's (Zoloft) being used to treat sex addiction from a former sex addict who said that he had used it successfully.

I recently felt so out of control and very depressed, so I scheduled an office visit with my regular physician. I asked my physician if he could prescribe Zoloft, knowing it could help my depression as well as treat my ADHD, and most importantly, the compulsive sexual behavior. (Although I did not mention the sexual compulsion because I was embarrassed, and I could not find a psychiatrist in my small town accepting patients.)

He started me out on 100mg which helped, but I wanted to be more aggressive and requested an increase to 200mg. I read from many online sources that 200mg is not an uncommon dose to treat sex addictions. When searching the internet, I found a link to a treatment chart on your site, which is how I found GuardYourEyes.

So far (one month later) it has worked even better in treating my ADHD, which I believe plays a role in my compulsions and focus issues. Over the past month I have fallen only a handful of times. Prior to Zoloft I would fall many times daily. I have had the most success since the dose was increased to 200mg. Tomorrow I will be clean for one full week, which is amazing to me.

Thanks to G-d!! I am so grateful. And thank G-d again for your website!