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Something to wake us up

GYE Corp. Monday, 14 May 2012

Kids think that dolls look so human. They are fascinated with them and have fun playing with them and imagine that the dolls are real. We always have to remember this fact. All the fascination that we have with sexual desire and with the beauty of women is fake. It is satisfied in ten seconds, and after that, it vanishes like smoke. It's so childish to let this fascination take us away from our goals. When we let these things get to us, we are acting like little children fascinated with dolls.

But still, sometimes we are swept along by the world, pushed along by our worries and stress and we quickly forget who we are. We forget how childish we are acting. We need something to wake up in times like these. Try this: Accept upon yourself for three days to give 25 cents to Tzedaka for every time you gaze at a women with the intention of enjoying it. This can give you that little extra push to hold back and realize how childish and immature it is to act this way...