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Someone to talk with

GYE Corp. Tuesday, 15 May 2012

More from one of our members who shared with us some of the tips that helped him in his journey to recovery: (If you have tips that worked for you, send them to us please as well)


One of the only ways I have found to deal with the problem of porn addiction is to have someone to talk with about the problem. I believe we must have someone who we can be open with to share our problem. When we do this on a regular (weekly at the least) basis, we take the problem more seriously. They don't even need to be someone dealing with the same problem. The times when I have felt the most equipped to face the challenge the yetzer hara brings is when I am able to keep the problem out in the open with someone else.

Just a note, be careful of making your wife the one you are open with as she will probably have difficulty understanding the situation.