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Shmiras Einayim Travel Tip: Las Vegas

By E. B.

obormottel Sunday, 13 March 2016

I go to Las Vegas twice a year for a business convention. This past time I decided that I had enough of the seedy Strip and instead I stayed at the La Quinta in Summerlin, next door to Rabbi Wyne’s Shul (Young Israel of LV). I really enjoyed myself. I was able to sit outside and learn Shabbos afternoon and even to take some walks and enjoy the weather and general beauty of the area. Shmiras Einayim wasn’t anymore challenging there than elsewhere, so I was on regular “guard” duty. Nothing special needed. Davening and listening to Rabbi Wyne and Rabbi Anderson’s speeches was very inspiring. I recommend this for any Yirei Shomayim that needs to go to LV. Incidentally, I had a great show!