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Sha'ar Ha'Bitachon

GYE Corp. Saturday, 31 December 2011

Going through Sha'ar Ha'bitachon in Chovos Ha'livavos six times helped (and still helps) me tremendously. (Addicts should start from chapter 1, not the 'pesicha' introduction, to the sha'ar, I think). It's just 70 pages of warm, warm loving words of compassion and personal loving attention from Hashem to us: to every single individual in his own avoda/struggle. It's similar to 12-Step program literature in many respects. As one of my litvish friends in SA said, "you know, in Sha'ar Ha'bitachon you always find just the right thing to settle your mind and heart".

(I saw many letters where the Lubavitcher Rebbe advised it to those who were 'stressed out' 'perplexed' or 'overly down' on themselves, which is the complete opposite of our approach in SA to this blessed joyous life as Hashem's treasured people).