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Safe with GYE

obormottel Monday, 12 November 2018
Safe with GYE

Hi, fellow Tzaddikim!

You all give me tremendous chizuk, so I wanted to give chizuk back to everyone who’s part of the GYE family!

I used to think I was alone in this struggle and I was such a rosho and I would suffer for the rest of my life for all the terrible disgusting aveiros I've done.

I could never go more than 1 day clean, and every time I fell, it gave me more and more despair and sadness.

But B"H, along came GYE and pulled me out of this deep pit of despair & depression. They breathed sense into me, and showed me how I am not alone in this struggle, and we are a family of hundreds of thousands of heiliger yidden that are yearning to be clean from this shmutz and to gain closeness with Hashem.

I learned that it takes a lifetime of struggles, and I must fall again and again and get back up each time no matter what I did, and that brings tremendous nachas to Hashem.

I am now able to go 1 week clean, sometimes 2-3, I even did a 5 week twice! And now, when I fall, I don’t despair and I don’t get depressed. I just start again and do teshuva to the best of my ability.

I just added TAG Flatbush filter system on my iPhone and laptop and B"H it really safeguards me from falling.

I talk to Hashem many times a day, and I am feeling so close and connected. When I’m on the train and I see really bad things, I am able to not let it affect my mind and I distract myself with tehilim, mishnayos, & GYE whatsapps.

I am a changed person from the one that was so lost in this crazy scary world.

I feel safe with all of you.

Thank you, GYE!

Thank you, family!

Thank You, Hashem!