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Possible to break

GYE Corp. Friday, 04 May 2012

Someone recently sent us the following e-mail:

I first of all wanted to thank you very much for all your efforts & chizuk.

I wanted to share my experience with you so if you think it's appropriate to share it with everyone, you can.

I was R'L a serious addict and for me it was a daily and sometimes even hourly struggle, and that unfortunately included Shabbos too. I am now Baruch Hashem totally in control, even though I am in my early twenties. I'd like you to share this with everyone so people know that it is possible to break this terrible habit, and to share with them the methods which I used.

  • Tefillah (which you may have already mentioned in your website). [Webmaster's note: See Tip #3 a - d on this page]
  • I found out that if I look at myself in a mirror every time I am tempted, the bad thoughts vanished. For this purpose I carried a small mirror with me all the time & this was an extremely powerful method. I am not sure why this works or if it is mentioned anywhere, but it really works.
  • I have very hairy legs and every time I was tempted I pulled my hair and I know this IS mentioned in many places to cause yourself some pain, and that is what I did. [Webmaster's note: See Tip #8 on this page]

Thank you.