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My personal 12 Steps

By Ben B

obormottel Wednesday, 21 March 2018

These are the 12 steps I took to get me to 90 days clean:

- I have installed an accountability software on all my devices with an accountability partner

- I am reading the GYE newsletter almost daily

- I have blocked Internet on my phone (which is an old phone).

- I have a journal that I use to write sometimes when I struggles (did not write much lately)

- I am in touch with several partners from GYE with whom I share daily my fight

- I am listening to various MP3 shiurim on the subject

- I try to get stronger spiritually (by setting a regular limud schedule)

- I am working out much more than before and this gives me a lot of good energy and good spirit

- I have started my post on the forum

- I try to eat healthier food and get better night sleep to have more energy to fight

- I am using the shvua TAPHSIC method

- I removed the private browsing feature from my browsers