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Music blocks the yetzer

GYE Corp. Tuesday, 17 April 2012

"Habib613" posted the following yesterday on the forum:

Baruch Hashem, today is day 9. I cannot believe I made it this long!
It's incredibly difficult, especially at night when there is no one around. But this site has helped tons! I listen to music while I work, and it blocks out the yetzer hara!

In honor of today being Habib's 10th day - and since music helps him so much, I added a new beautiful Niggun to the Music Page (#20) in his honor.

To hear the tune directly click here. It's a Soulful "Meiron" Niggun played by Clarinet. While listening to it, picture the flames and sparks of Rabbi Shimon's holy fire in Meiron heading skyward, and all the holy Yidden dancing with all their strength and love for Hashem.

That fire you see in your imagination is your soul's yearning for d'veikus with Hashem! Put on the niggun, close your eyes and FEEL IT. Lift your arms to heaven and dance a Chassidic dance. Your soul is yearning to fly upwards in the sparks of the fire!