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More About the Mikva

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Going to a Mikva every day is a very strong protection against sexual sin and desire. If this is too difficult for you, make sure to go at least when you fall. Imagine this. If the waters of the Mikva can make a non-Jew (who wants to convert) into a Jew, imagine what they can do to someone who is already a Jew and who just wants to repent!

When immersing in the Mikva waters, imagine yourself in your mothers womb, and when you come up imagine it is like you are being born anew!

Many Tzadikim have written that going to the Mikva regularly, especially after an emission, is a segulah to remaining pure in these areas. However, always remember the words of Dov from yesterday's e-mail: make sure not to lose sight of the Ikkar.


Levite writes:

1. Reb Nachman writes in the hakdamah to his Tikkun Haklali, that the first thing one should do after this p'gam, if he can, is go to mikveh.

2. Reb Nosson writes, "im yesh mikveh yesh tikvah - as long as one goes to mikvah there is hope".