Tuesday, 17 April 2012

It's just not worth it

by GYE (See all authors)

I came across an awesome song called "Moishi On-Line" by "Destiny 4". Click here to listen to it.

The song is a great example of how a person sometimes must take drastic measures to save his soul. Although most of us can't afford to smash our computers, there are other things that we CAN do. For example, I know one guy who was so desperate to quit that he vowed to give $200 to tzedaka every time he fell. After falling twice and giving $400 to Tzedaka, he never went back to it again. Another guy kept matches next to his bed and vowed to burn himself before giving in. Another made a vow to go to the Mikva for a month every time he fell, another vowed to go to the kever of a tzadik and daven for at least an hour each time he fell. These type of vows are not dangerous to make, because they can be kept (unlike vows to just NEVER do it again, which - because of the nature of the addiction - make it often impossible to keep). And these type of vows are very helpful because they force the Yetzer Hara to agree with the Yetzer Tov and say, "heck, you know what, it's just not worth it!".

To use vows safely and effectively, see the following pages for advice. Click here and here.

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