Saturday, 05 May 2012

I do not want to be a slave

by Anonymous (See all authors)

Someone wrote in today some thoughts that help him, and I would like to share them with everyone:

I just want to tell you that your site and chizuk etc. seems to have helped me a lot, and is continuing to do so. Hashem Yishmereinu veyechzkeinu. Some additional thoughts:

1. Stopping these things is a great zechus (merit) to parents and Rabbe'im in the World Of Truth, since they are judged for what their children, grandchildren and students do. The opposite is chas veshalom true as well. What a horrible, selfish thing to do to them. Beyond words.

2. Chaza"l say that in the next world, the yetzer horah will be shown to the Resho'im as something very small that they couldn't overcome, and to the Tzaddikim as a great mountain that they overcame. The idea behind this, if I remember one pshat at least correctly, is that each step in fighting the Yetzer Hara is only one small step that has to be taken at a time. In the end, it all adds up of course, to many, many steps and something very large that was overcome.

3. Our sages said "There is a small organ in a man, if you feed it - it is hungry, if you starve it - it is satiated". I believe this means that every time one controls him impulse (for anything), it becomes easier the next time to avoid it. The inverse is true of course as well. Hopefully, after 40 days (like the Mishna Brurah writes about getting up early in the morning), the whole struggle becomes BS'D much easier as a rule. Just forty days! (This may be a little different for various types of people, some needing a little more time, some less).

4. Our sages said "Leolam yargiz adam yetzer tov al yetzer hara" meaning "a person should always arouse the anger of his good inclination over his evil inclination". Say to yourself that you do not want to be a slave to such a MENUVOL (pervert) and will not be. Yes, get angry!!! Ask yourself, "am I such a fragile sucker to do what this creature is enticing me with?!!"