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Herbal Help for Self Restraint

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GYE Corp. Wednesday, 25 January 2012

We were told by a couple of Rabbonim that we should contact your organization. We are an herbal company called Nonichai and we have developed herbal natural products that may be of interest to your cause. They have no negative side effects, no after effects, no withdrawal effects and are all perfectly safe and natural.

Please go to our website and under the product section scroll down to the category called Self Restraint. When you put the cursor on the category of Self Restraint you will see the introduction in there, which is self explanatory. Then underneath that there are products for men and products for women, as well as for married couples. Put the cursor over each topic and a window will open so you can see what products are available for each. When you click on each product, it will explain to you how the product works and what it does.

At this time we only have in stock the products called For Youth (for men) and also Self Restraint #3 for men. The remaining products for men, women and couples were sold out to a distributor in Europe and it would take us maybe one to two months to do production for all of them again. That will not be until after Pesach.

This was an unexpected situation but at least we are letting you know we do still have two of the products available for purchase immediately online.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. You can speak with me, Dr. Shalom. Women can speak to Gila.

Thank you and wishing you a Freilichen Pesach,

Dr. Shalom

Nonichai Health

Tel NY: +1 (718) 554-3098

Tel FL: +1(305)517-7052