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Hashem's Wrath

GYE Corp. Friday, 23 March 2012

In our "Practical Tips" section on our site (at the very bottom of the page), we present a tip called "The Last Resort" for someone who is about to stumble. We offer an alternative to viewing pictures of flesh that will turn one "on", namely by showing pictures of flesh that will turn one "off". One of those pages contain terrible pictures from the Holocaust. On Tisha Be'av it may be appropriate to remember this tip, and also to watch & listen to the horrifying interview with a former Treblinka SS Guard that can be found at the top of that page.

How can we desire sinful flesh ever again after seeing these pictures and hearing this interview? After we see how futile and fleeting life is? And most of all - after seeing the fury of Hashem's wrath up close.

Although our site and forum generally take a very positive and encouraging tone, and although Hashem loves us dearly and deals with us with so much patience, Tisha Be'av is a day to remember that when we do not do what is asked of us, when we do not ultimately take the steps necessary to fulfill Hashem's will and do Teshuvah, Hashem's wrath and punishment are not something to MESS WITH.