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Great temptations

GYE Corp. Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A struggler shares with us some of his tips...

There are (at least) three great temptations the evil one tempts us with to make us view Internet pornography:

1) home alone, bored and with nothing to do
2) depressing *I am worth nothing, I can't do anything* feeling,
3) sitting alone before a computer screen with the Google search engine opened up (without a filter on the computer).

If these are all added together it is for most of us a too great of a job to resist the temptation. Therefore, we must, at all costs, avoid the situation where all of these three can come together to attack you with a horrendous force. Even one of them alone can already give us a blow hard enough to send us straight back to Internet hell.

To avoid:

1) Find some nice and interesting occupation, e.g reading the Torah, playing chess, reading GOOD literature etc. Sports also help!
2) Be HAPPY. Read a enjoyable book, think about nice things, treat yourself with a fine lunch, enjoy the world and nature that HaShem, may he be praised, has created, etc.
3) Get a filter and avoid being alone before a computer ! Best: search the internet in the presence of a woman who will smash the computer when you go astray!

Saturdays and Sundays (from my experiences) are most likely the worst days for people like us: they are the days we have more time than on other week-days. If possible, try avoid the whole computer on those days!