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Get Reports Sent to Your Rav!

GYE Corp. Monday, 26 December 2011


"The most deterrent power with the least intrusion!"

I know the perils and pitfalls of the internet. I understand that I need something to protect me from those weak moments. I have been disappointed by filters, white lists, blacklists etc... I pushed it off for another year, and another year...

Created by award winning developers at Covenant Eyes and adapted by business leaders in our community - YishmorEini was born. It is not a filter, it is not a new internet connection, and it does not block any web activity.

Accountability & YishmorEini

Accountability software monitors Internet use and emails reports to people you select. YishmorEini works as a community based program and appoints the Rav of each community to be the accountability partner for his members. Only inappropriate activity is flagged and sent to the accountability partner/Rav.

YishmorEini makes privacy our top concern. Our program is designed with many shields to secure that only the accountability Rav has access to ones reports and only the accountability Rav knows the identity of each member.