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GYE Corp. Friday, 30 December 2011

1. G-d speaks with us all the time.

2. There is nothing & no one else but G-d [AIN OD MILVADO].

3. Therefore, to the extent that we are real with G-d's omnipresence, we will be able to carry on a constant dialogue with G-d.

4. The Holy Baal Shem Tov taught that to the extent that we are real with the fact that G-d is constantly guiding us in every possible way, the more will we truly be guided.

5. G-d speaks to us through thoughts and feelings and life-experience and the Holy words of the Torah and Prophets and our inner Knowing.

6. Years ago, before I ever heard of the book or popular concept called, 'Conversations with G-d', I discovered the power of writing letters to G-d [about anything and everything and at the time about trying to break through seemingly impossible barriers to my making a living] and then having G-d write back [meaning how I think He would reply ] and I kept this correspondence going with the most wondrous of results.

7. One of the messages that G-d sends to us constantly when we learn how to hear it and are ready to really listen, is how to do what each of us is meant to do in life.

8. It's best to receive G-d's messages like a secretary receiving dictation---don't think too much ---just receive.

9. It's also really helpful to ask a complete question and thereby create a vessel to receive G-d's answer [spoken to us in our thoughts and dreams and feelings and in between the lines of what we learn and in the middle of other people's conversations and communicated to us in the highlights of our lives...etc...]

10. It's also really helpful to commit to communicate what is G-d's messages in one way or another to ourselves or others [this is the principle of keeping the cycle flowing].

11. As Jews, we have a long and illustrious history and future of being G-d dialoguers.

Here is a sort of multiple topic prayer/dialogue
[just to begin to put into practice what we are discussing];

Dear Hashem,

I come to you in humility---

Who am I to speak with

The One who spoke

and the world was Created

I come to you in praise---

Praise be the One

To whom all praise is due

I come to you as a sharer

I share with the countless people

That want to speak with you

But don't know how.

I come to you as a servant

I hope to be worthy

to serve you in truth

and to fuse my will with Yours

and to reveal You where you hide

and to convey whatever

You help me to know about you

To your beloved children.

If it finds favor in your Eyes

Speak to us

Holy One, Beloved One;

- Please show us how everything connects us with you, Hashem

- Show us how we are guided by you towards our 'Calling in life'

- Help us cope with that which is too difficult for us

- Melt away all of our darkness with your light

- Show us how to resolve the impossible challenges that we face

- Carry us down the road of perfection

- Guide us every step of the way

- Make us partners with You, in bringing the World to it's full 'Tikun'

- Help us align our Will with yours

- Help us co-create with you, the reality of our lives

- Show us how to infinitize the finiteness of our lives

- Enable us to hear your Divine voice speaking to us

- Connect us to the focal point that bridges Heaven and Earth

- Enable us to go beyond our present capacities and capabilities

- Illuminate our darkness with your Supernal light

- Show us how to bring to life that which is not alive

- Please draw down your Presence inside of our entire personas

- Show us how all that we do is done by You

- Show us how the people in our lives express your Divine guidance

- Surprise us and delight us with your constant benevolence

- Please Unite with us as a groom with his bride

- Heal us with and we shall be healed

- Help us to emulate all of your Holy Ways

- Allow us to know You in your immanence and transcendence

- Fuse with us in carrying out our daily activities

- Help us to pray and to prepare ourselves for prayer

Thank you Hashem, for all that you do, have done and will do for us.

Thank you Hashem, for opening up our mouths to speak with you.

My suggestion is that after you write or speak out your own G-d dialogue, compose a G-d response---what you think G-d would answer....after that respond to G-d's response [ie...carry out what you've been told by G-d, and report back how it went ], and carry on in this fashion as much as you can---and I'm confident that you will see wonders and blessings fill your lives.....