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the.guard Monday, 21 October 2013

The phenomenon of Flatlining is discussed extensively on various internet addiction resources and forums.

Flatline is a period of decreased or absent libido following the initial withdrawal from pornography. Flatlining starts several days or weeks after initial withdrawal from pornography and can last several weeks or months. The complete lack of sexual desire during this period can convince a person that he has overcome his addiction and he returns back to his "old normal." However, after a couple of weeks or months, the flatline abruptly ends and libido comes back roaring. If the person is unprepared, he is bound to fall again and repeat the vicious cycle.

In my own experience, the "flatline end" is very dangerous and one must be fully prepared for it.

A Member Deals with Flatlining

By Joe (great writer!)

My first 30 days were easy. I was inspired by the challenge and my new-found freedom.

My body was releasing endorphin's just by staying clean. It was a natural drug. I would silently roam among fellow fallible humans and hold my head high, I was cured.

But then reality set in. I started to descend from the natural high of embarking on a secret challenge to reset my neural pathways. And now, 64 days into my quest, and I feel the constant struggle of reverting back to my default habits of pressing the "pleasure" button to wallow in a transient ecstasy for a few minutes.

If only I could race through this challenge faster than the speed of sound, using my afterburners for thrust, passing beacons of time with the swift resolve of a soul set on fire, a soul not tempted by the base drives of mortal men.

But that's not where the gold is. The essence of G-d doesn't flaunt its aura among the open spaces of a soul untethered. It's in the dark recesses of our struggle, in the conflicted moments of our pain, that we can uncover the gold, the very essence of G-ds kindness and divine assistance.

So now the challenge begins. This is the point in time when the inspiration fades and I rely on the momentum of my firm commitment to do this, just one single day at a time.

And then, when the light has dimmed from my eyes, I will dig, deep, into my soul and find the inner resolve not to succumb to the desires of my inborn animal, because G-d is walking by my side. Every single moment in time!