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Eat Right, Sleep Right

GYE Corp. Monday, 27 February 2012

This may seem a little different, but it's tried and true. Whatever it is that you are struggling with - in our case it is lust, we all know that we are most vulnerable when we are feeling down.

When we are well rested, we feel good. And when we eat right, we feel healthy.

Therefore, my suggestion is get 8 hours of sleep a night and eat right (very minimal table sugar), and you will be happier. Once you feel happier and more refreshed, it is much easier to take on challenges.

I believe that one of the tactics of the Satan is to tell us, "if you sleep 8 hours and eat right, you are a nerd, a loser, get a life! The only real way to get anything done is to go on 5 hours of sleep. And don't waste your time on eating properly..."

But trust me, a lot of struggles can be avoided if we feel right.


Dov responds to Mark's Post:

Ditto to all that. While acting out heavily, I was getting 3-4 hours a night, then getting sick every Shabbos and cleaning up until I was ready for work again Sunday or Monday. That went on for about 7 or 8 years.

After getting sober, I started to see that the crazy sleep pattern was making it too hard for me to stay sober, so it finally had to change. (My goal was always to get 8-9 hours per night but) what actually ended up working for me was getting 5-7 hours and waking up early to learn with a chevra before shacharis (oh yeah, and actually davening shacharis like a normal Jew, for a change, too).

After all, how precious can my sobriety be if I feel crappy all the time? And it needs to be precious to me, to protect it at any cost.