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Dissolving lust with words

By N8

obormottel Monday, 20 February 2017

We all know the sick feeling of regret we all feel after the sin has been committed, and it hurts and makes us feel really depressed and sick, especially, immediately afterward. Then, as time causes us to forget, the feeling goes away, and the sin happens over and over again. So the trick is to bottle that feeling and bring out the bottle at the time when lust tries to overtake you.

The problem is, it doesn't always work so easy. So, I thought of saying 50 x "Porn is 100% ossur!! HaShem, You are here with me, please give me strength." And I close my eyes and repeat over and over and over, 10 times, 20 times, 30 times until it becomes a part of me and the words sink in deep.

People don't realize that words have a powerful effect on people, and you can change anything you want with words... even kill off your lust. By saying something over and over, it will dissolve and burn your lust up.

So I made a deal with myself that every time I have a feeling to do something bad, I can do it, but first I must say "porn is 100% ossur" 50 x over and over and then I can watch it.

So far, every time I have done this, I started crying as I got to 15 x and was bawling by 20 x and I felt HaShem hugging me and lifting the lust from inside me, and then there's no more desire for the sin anymore.

I hope this continues to work for me and be as effective forever as it is now. Amen!