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Day 14: Prepare for the Unexpected

GYE Corp. Monday, 21 May 2012
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Steve's Journal...

Thankfully, learning to lower my focus was easier than learning to swim. I decided to try out my new skill on the way to work today. When I got off the train, I looked down a bit as I walked the streets to my office. At first, it felt unnatural and I thought people might say to me, 'Hey, fella, look where you're going!"

You know New Yorkers. I thought somebody might even ask me why I'm looking down. But nobody noticed. I started to feel more confident about it, and I noted that the majority of "routine" sights fell from my view. I made adjustments as I went along, finding it easier than I thought it would be.

You can't imagine how effective this is until you try it.


These e-mails are excerpts taken from the book "Windows of the Soul" by Rabbi Zvi Miller of the Salant Foundation.

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