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Caught off guard

GYE Corp. Friday, 23 March 2012

This motzaei Shabbos I had to stay up half the night for a work related item. I had not anticipated having to stay up and was caught somewhat off guard. All the symptoms that normally preceded a slip began appearing. I was resentful for having to stay up, there was a stretch of idle time in the middle of the night where I had to wait on someone else, euphoric recall began to creep in etc. etc.

So here is what I did to stay sober ....

1) Attended an SA meeting on motzei Shabbos
2) Called a fellow SA member and told him about my issue
3) Book-ended every hour (made call every hour and left message on one of the members cell phones)
4) Told my wife about my nissayon

These are the tools that SA and the fellowship have given me. I would not be sober without them.