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Avoid it like the devil

GYE Corp. Friday, 27 April 2012

"Nomer" posted on the Forum

When you have an urge to check out a news story that involves anything sexual just to peak your interest or to stay informed of the 'news', AVOID it like the devil!!! I have fallen into this trap quite a few times and although it seemed innocent at first, it resulted in anything but innocence. One thing led to the next very quickly before it was too late. This type of 'news' is somehow accepted as newsworthy for the rest of the world and it plays on the radio and the internet along with the weather or financial news. However, a politician caught having a relationship with a zonah or the media's expressions of attraction to a VP nominee's looks, or details of a sex-crime, is definitely not acceptable to any sincere Torah Jew. Let's avoid listening or browsing such stories as we will gain nothing and lose a lot. Let's not let the Yetzer Hara control us but rather let's control this bully from now on. I once heard a stark contrast between Dovid Hamelech who spoke "to his heart" (El Libo) and was in control of his Yetzer Hara, and Naval who spoke "in his heart" (B'Libo) because he wasn't in control.

"PostalServico" posted on the Forum

I've learned this lesson myself. Just say no to the gossip and celebrity news!

After I had installed a filter on my computer, this was the first thing that got me...But not any more! B"H I have removed that tool/weapon/strategy from the YH's arsenal.

I'm very glad that you have realized this trick! I have failed many times since I've decided to keep shmiras habris and einayim, but each time I've learned what brought me to fall and became to determined not to fail in the same way again. The YH has fewer and fewer tools at his disposal these days, but I'm still vigilant for when the YH mounts an attack again.

Stay strong! Keep up the great work your doing!

"Mevakesh" posted on the Forum

This is so true!

So much of what the non Jewish world has accepted as "matter of fact" and "normal" news is 100% Assur for any Jew to be listening to, looking at or thinking about.

I personally have stopped listening to the radio and I have stopped reading secular newspapers and "news" magazines. Period.

I know that not everyone can do that, and each person needs to do it at his/her own pace.

But just know that the Yetzer Hara's major tool against us is the media. No matter how innocent it looks, it is poison for all Jews, especially for us struggling with sexual addictions, masturbation and impure thoughts.

You don't need the media to get the news. There are plenty of frum websites that offer the same news, and leave out the garbage. (See this page of the "Kosher Isle")


Chazak Ve'ematz!