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As much as He believes in you

By Chanania

obormottel Thursday, 17 May 2018
As much as He believes in you

When the Rebbe of Aleksander, HY”D, was being led to his death, he explained this Possuk: “L'hagid baboker chasdecha v'emunascha baleilos.” Meforshim explain, he said, when it is ‘morning’ - bright and comfortable - we praise Hashem for His kindness; when it is ‘night’ - dark and painful - we declare our Emuna in Him. The Rebbe asked: in that case shouldn't we say V'emunaseinu Baleilos, being that we refer to our Emuna in Him, not Emunascha, i.e. your (Hashem's) Emuna?

The Rebbe explained: indeed, Emunascha refers to Hashem's Emuna in us! We rejoice when Hashem sends us a ‘night’ - in his case the Nazis YM”Sh - it means He believes in us.

Let's rejoice that Hashem has Emuna in us - He trusts our generation with a Nisayon that He didn't give any previous generation. He knows we can pass this test and will celebrate with us. Hatzlocha, friends. Let’s show Hashem we understand his message.